5 Trends for Women's Sunglasses 2019

by Frontier Fashion, Inc.

For Spring 2019, sunglasses trends are dominated by eclectic, daring, and statement making pieces. Many of this season’s hottest sunglasses are conspicuously in either oversized or extremely tiny shapes. From the runway to the streets of major metropolitan cities, the following styles have been everywhere. Here’s the top 5 women’s sunglasses trends for 2019.

  1. Shield sunglasses – As seen on the runway for Spring/Summer 2019, these are still going strong with the oversized shape and elements such as decorative rivets. Celebrities from actresses to models have been seen rocking this style as well. These visor inspired sunglasses provide maximum protection from the sun for your eyes (and a bit of your face as well). Below is M10681 & M10589-CM.
  2. Micro cat eye – This style is also another mega-popular trend amongst celebrities and the runway alike. Going off the 90’s sunglasses trend, these pairs makes a huge statement with its small size. They pair nicely with a muted outfit so that it stands out even more. Tiny cat eye sunglasses come in different colors in plastic or metal frames, and some of our pairs also have rhinestones to add some bling to your outfit. Below is M10651 & M10656.
  3. Retro goggles – There are so many variations of this style because it’s just that popular! Round and oval lenses are arguably the most loved shape currently. The sunglasses with white plastic frames have gained popularity as “Clout Goggles.” This style has different color and pattern options – in either opaque or translucent plastic. Below is P6311-WHT & P6281-WHITE.
  4. Red – On various runways for 2019, we’ve seen countless red sunglasses on models that it’s the color of the season! The increasing popularity of color lens in general has celebrities such as rock-stars and pop singers alike wearing red colored shades in various styles. Channel your inner rich and famous by picking up a pair of these shades. Below is M6342-CO & M6338-CO.
  5. Unconventional Shapes – These uniquely exaggerated shapes are to the point where it makes one question if it’s fashion or art. Only the bravest and baddest wearers can rock this look! Luckily, Frontier Fashion has got you covered with party glasses in fun shapes! Check out at our inventory and get ready to be amazed. Below is M10636-CO & P30332.
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