3 Reasons to Sell at a Flea Market

by Frontier Fashion

Many small businesses have humble beginnings, with many starting out of a garage or even a single room in a house or apartment. Thanks to the internet anyone can start an online business and succeed but the internet is large and full of other small businesses, each competing not only with each other but with major brands and stores. Having an online presence is a must have today. Social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have almost become a requirement to building awareness that your company exists. Owning and maintaining an online store is critical if you ever hope to sell outside of the range of your neighboring cities. These are important aspects to building and extending your brand or company, but everyone starts from somewhere. So where can you go to get a good start for your business? The Local Flea Market.

If you are just starting out then a Flea Market is perfect for you as it offers you a physical location to sell your goods, if you have already been selling for a while now and are looking for a way to expand your shop and increase sales, then you can try selling at a Flea Market on the weekends. Most Flea Markets are open on either Saturday or Sunday, some are open on both. Since most Flea Markets are open during the weekend this works well for someone just starting out as it allows you to keep a full-time job working Monday-Friday and run your business on the weekend.

  1. Affordable spaces

Starting a business is no easy endeavor, as many of you may have hear, don’t quit your day job. Starting a new business is expensive and you’ll have to pay for everything somehow, but it’s far from impossible to manage. Depending on the Flea Market the price for renting a space can be as low as $15 sometimes less, of course that’s on the extreme low end. A more realistic expectation should be around $50-$100 with premium spot’s costing up to $250 or more. Check with your Local Flea Markets to find out how much they charge.

  1. Switching locations

A great advantage of selling at a Flea Market is that you are not stuck in a yearly or even monthly contract. As a small business or a new business this offers great flexibly as you don’t always have to sell in the same location. Depending on your product, maybe the customers there don’t match with the demographic you are trying to reach or maybe there are already to many people selling the same type of merchandise as you. No problem, simply sign up with a different Flea Market at a different location. Of course, if you do happen to find the perfect location, many Flea Markets offer the ability to rent the same space over longer periods of time.

  1. Great Foot Traffic
As a new or small business, many people are not going to know you exist, growing your brand or company awareness is something that takes time. But that doesn’t mean you should just except that sales will be slow to start. You need to get out there and let people know that your selling! Flea Markets offer lots of foot traffic, every weekend people like to go shopping and lets face it everyone has been to the mall, people who are looking for something new, different or just something cheap, will check out a Flea Market.
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