5 Tips for selling sunglasses online

by Frontier Fashion
As they say the future is now! That has never been more true than today. As one of richest men in history, I think CEO of amazon Jeff Bezos would agree. But just because Mr. Bezos is one of the richest, that doesn't mean you can't also follow his lead and even cash in on his success.
    As I mentioned above, selling on Amazon is great place to start selling online, for anything really but this works especially well for sunglasses. Because of the size and weight of sunglasses the cost of doing business through amazon is not to high when compared to say, selling furniture. Amazon also offers two different methods of selling, Fulfilled By Merchant and Fulfilled By Amazon. If you have the time FBM is a great to keep a little extra profit by doing the work as your sales come in. But not everyone has the time or the staff to run a business this way, that is where FBA comes in. With FBA Amazon does most of the work for you, simply send in your items and once a sale is made Amazon will handle the rest.
    Selling online open the doors to millions of potential customers but those customers can be anywhere, even on the other side of the world. To let people know what the product will look like even without trying it on for themselves, it's best to hire models to wear your products. This can cost anywhere from asking a friend for a favor to hiring a professional photographer and model. But odds are your not Victoria Secrets and can't afford to hire a VS model and maybe your friends are camera shy, that's OK because there are plenty of amateur models looking for work. Even if your not in L.A. or N.Y you can still contact a photographer who is just starting out and mail them some of your product, again sunglasses are small and light weight making them easy to send through the mail. I know this can seem like you will be spending more money than making but long term this will greatly increase your sales online. You have to think of it as an investment.
    Companies like Facebook and Instagram have made it their company goal to connect everyone together. Making Social Media the best place to reach out and let people know what your selling. As an added bonus it's free to use! Of course they know that businesses have been using their platforms to sell for a while now and offer different business tools to increase your sales but these cost money.
    Selling online means that your customers will be looking at your products either on their computer or most likely on their phone. Either way they will be looking a pictures of your product. Unlike a traditional store where customers can pick up a pair and look at the glasses you need to show them. There are two main angles used when selling sunglasses, the 3 quarter view and the front view.
    As mentioned before though, these picture are the only thing your customers will have to use to decide if they want to buy your products. Don't limit your self to only those two angles, be sure to highlight and showcase the design of the frame and any special features it may have.
    Frontier Fashion, Inc. is a wholesale company, we sell to other businesses who in turn sell at retail to the public. Making other businesses our customers. As someone who will be selling sunglasses online at retail anyone can be your customer but narrowing that down to a more specific group will help increase your sales. When writing your product descriptions keep in mind who you want buying your product. For example if you're selling children's sunglasses, then the person who is buying will be a parent or a grandparent. Use language that identifies with your customer base.
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