KLEO Solid One Piece Lens Wholesale Bulk Sunglasses

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SKU: RH-3091-LH
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KLEO is a wholesale designer sunglasses brand that offers women sophistication and glam. These stunning styles, made of high quality materials, are perfect to show off your own unique personality.

These glasses are simple, but also glamorous. At first glance the plastic black legs with the KLEO emblem looks plain. As you look closer, you see the multi-colored rhinestones around the logo with some styles having designs on the inside of the legs. This style also comes with UV400 lenses that protect you from the harmful UV rays from the sun. 

  • Rhinestone design
  • UV400, UVA & UVB protection

Please note that these wholesale bulk glasses come packed in sets of 12, with an assortment of the colors shown.