It’s still barely Spring, but festival season is quickly approaching soon among us, which means it’s time to get your party outfit ready and shop for some fun, cheap sunglasses! Besides sunblock and the belief that global warming is in fact real, a pair of your favorite shades are one of the few accessories at a music festival that is practical and necessary. At Frontier Fashion, we are here and prepared to help you with your fashion needs. We carry the latest sunglasses in many Insta-worthy styles that are #fashionblogger and social media influencer approved. The best part about getting sunglasses here is that if you ever lose a pair whilst jamming out to your favorite band, there’s 11 more in the box! There’s always a pair for any style preference, so read on to find out which latest trending style will suit you!

GLAM – Small frames are still very popular since last year, and the cat eye is a well-loved favorite. If your style is all about the glitz and glamour, then rhinestone studded mini cat eye sunglasses are the perfect type of shades for you! Try on a pair that compliments your attention-worthy outfit.

SPORTY – You’re laid-back, and practicality is important. Shield sunglasses will provide the most protection from the sun and as a bonus, are one of the hottest trends of this season. It will also go well with one of the many sports jerseys that you choose to wear while checking out your favorite artist.

GIRLY – Show off your femininity by sporting a pair of red hued sunnies. Red is the color of the moment, and colored lenses are totally on point! Bold is beautiful, and you’ll be seeing red (in a good way!) and the world through scarlet tinted lenses.

ARTSY – Your daring style calls for something crazy and fun, so rock a pair of steampunk style sunglasses with its round lenses and vintage inspired frames. There’s no doubt that your wild, outlandish outfit will compete with your shades, but go with your mantra – more is more!

CLASSIC – The most versatile type of fashion and rightfully so – anything you wear is perfectly understated but not plain. Sophisticated or casual, the classic style speaks volumes in terms of sensibility and being effortlessly chic. Is there any question what kind of sunglasses you’ll wear? Of course, it’ll be the trusty classic sunglasses – in either color mirror or polarized (or both!) smoked lenses to protect your eyes from the scorching festival sun.

April 10, 2019 — Frontier Fashion, Inc.